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BeNaughty com Review 2020

BeNaughty homepage

The name may sound suggestive. But based on several BeNaughty com reviews, the site focuses on finding long-term commitments. It is like the Be Nughty target group are singles that are ready to mingle.

There is one conclusion that we can make after comparing the site’s name and what its goal is. That at times, you need to be a bit naughty to succeed in your love life. As a matter of fact, being naughty works in a way that being romantic and nice can’t. Basically, BeNaughly is the best platform for;

  • People looking for serious relationships where dating formalities are out of the question
  • Person who want to be themselves when looking for their best matches. 
  • who are looking for serious commitments but don’t want to follow dating rules


In the modern world, there are strict rules that people need to follow when dating. The aim of these rules is probably for the other person to take you seriously. One of the rules is to take some time to understand the person before inviting him or get for a date. It can also be forfeiting dirty talks until you understand the other person better. Be Naughty isn’t any of these. 

Be Naughty login process

When registering, you need to fill in a registration form and upload an attractive photo. When you scroll down the page, there are details about;

  •  The site’s philosophy
  •  Services offered 
  • Rules  to follow
  • Their audience among other information that you as a visitor needs to know before registering at the site. 

According to the site, they aim to help people find meaningful relationships. It is also a place where members can interact with other light-minded singles by being themselves. Creating an account here isn’t a difficult thing to do. The most important thing is to confirm your email, after which your account will be active. You can’t access any content at the site without an email confirmation. 


The second step is to provide general information. The details you need to fill in this step include;

  •  Your status 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Marital status 
  • Hair color and
  • Body type 

You don’t have to fill in this information immediately, the site allows you to work on it later. 

BeNaughty Site interface

Once registered at the site, it is now time to explore what this platform has to offer. There is a free option available.  You are free to browse through profiles with a free account, but you can’t open them. You are also free to use filter options. There is a toolbar at the top of the page where you can choose;

  • Your location
  • Gender
  • age limits

It is very easy to apply filters at the site. This is also important since it helps users find the exact matches they want. The website has a simple, intuitive, and convenient design. This makes the experience even better. Unlike other dating sites, there is no advertising, no annoying messages or popups. In short, there is nothing that can prevent you from having a wonderful experience here.

 The search results load up very fast, and the tabs are responsive. Scrolling over pages is very easy. You can familiarise yourself with other members and find a potential lifetime partner. The site does not allow any nude photos or offensive content. 

Best features in BeNaughty

Chat rooms

You can find a good number of amazing features at Be Naughty. This however is the most important of all. Chatrooms help users familiarise themselves with the site before getting a premium account. At Be Naughty, there are both local and international chatrooms.

It is free to talk to other people. You are free to say whatever you want, just ensure that you are respectful. Chatrooms offer a platform where users can freely interact with each other. You can get more information about the other member.

This is in terms of the way they speak, activities they like among other things. Chatrooms also  help you to know someone better before starting a private conversation. You can say  want, and why you want it. Chatrooms offer the best way for strangers to meet and know each other better. 

Video chat

This is an important feature not only at Be Naughty but other dating sites as well. This feature connects two users through a video call. It is a perfect option for sharing gestures, smiles, and seeing that person. The video chat option can help take your relationship to another level. It offers instant talk.

You won’t need to wait for hours before getting a message from another person. People who are looking for serious relationships benefit more from video chats. It also gives you the chance to know whether it is a real person you have been talking to.

Sending virtual gifts

Users can also send gifts to each other. This happens when the conversation stops abruptly. If this is the case, then you can please the other person by sending a gift. You can send this gift as a surprise. After all, presents and gifts speak more than words can say. They make the person you have a communication with happier. The gifts help spice up chats.

Sending multiple messages

Users can also send naughty messages to several other users at once. You can find this function at the Be Naughty homepage. However, this option is only available for premium members. This helps save time if you don’t want to type the same message at once. First, you have to look for the members that interest you. Then you send these people a greeting message. No user will ban you for doing this. 

Photo and video uploads

You can upload both videos and photos at the site. These options will help you understand the other person better. It can be a short video of the other person introducing him or herself.

BeNaughty users

Number of users

Be Naughty hosts a large variety of users from different parts of the world. You can find people with different preferences, appearances, ages, goals, and orientation. Most of these users are online at any given time. It is difficult to keep count of the number of users. It is however easy to find your perfect match by using filters like blond hair, blue eyes, or athletic body. 

It doesn’t matter what time you are online, or which season it is. You can always find people to chat with at Be Naughty. You never know, maybe one of these people could be your lifetime partner.

The site itself does not give the exact number of its users. You can however find a larger number of users in search results. And this is enough for you to get exactly what you are looking for. 

Quality of users

There is a diverse number of profiles at Be Naughty. Some profiles are all blank with not even a profile picture. Others are more detailed with attractive profile pictures. Some names appear very fake while others seem to be real.

Just like other dating sites, you can find suspicious and trustworthy accounts here. Some pictures are nice, others look strange. It all depends on the effort a user puts in to make their profiles stand out. 

When signing up, try to use a picture where you are busy with something you like. The site allows you to request information that the other user did not share. For instance, you can ask to add a marital status if there wasn’t any information on the same. Most profiles are not more detailed when it comes to personal information. Others have all the information you may need about the user. 

Type of members

You can make the most out of this site by signing for membership. The free membership has limited options. Free members are restricted to browsing through profiles and send up to five messages for free. For these members, there is no activity status, verification, or karma level. Be Naughty has two different types of accounts; these are free accounts and paid accounts. 

Communication of users

The best communication option at the site is the private chat. Free account holders can send a maximum of five messages for free. Paid members can freely communicate without any limits. The main communication features include 


  • Sending gifts
  • Video chat
  • Sending multiple messages

Video chats give you the option to know the person you are talking to better. You can see their appearance and know how they talk. Looking at the person smiling is worth way more than sending an ordinary message. 

You can send virtual gifts to spice up the communication. If you feel that your communication is getting nowhere, all you need to do is send a gift. This simple trick can work wonders. The multiple messaging option makes it easier to send the same message to different accounts. 

BeNaughty Com pricing

The site offers a 3 days trial period which can help determine whether to go for premium. Here is a breakdown of Be Naughty charges;

3 days trial:  €36 cents daily

One month membership:  €7.7

3 months membership: €14

6 months membership: €20

Compared to other dating sites, BeNaughty charges an affordable price. Please check similar Dating sites from our selecton: FlirtFlingFuckbookAshley MadisonWhatsYourPrice and Kasidie.  Read Our reviews and join dating and swinger community or just enjoy casual dating .

Free account is the Registering at the site is free?

Registering at the site is free. So is viewing the content in there. But for free accounts, you can only send a maximum of 5 messages. The free account is for people to have a clear view of what the site offers before signing up for membership. Ensure that you take time to go through the site’s terms and conditions before you invest money in the site. You can also read through the messages in chat rooms. This is a unique feature that you should never ignore. 

The free account is more or less like an introduction tour. It helps you have an idea of what is in store for you if you upgrade to a premium account. 

Premium account

Be Naughty premium account is a good option for those who need a serious relationship. Having a premium account can also make your account more trusted. For instance, which account can you send a message to first?

Is it the premium account or the free account? Again, can a member trust that you are a real person if you send him or her a message with a free account? With premium membership, it is like you are saying; Hi there, I am here, and I am real

Members with a premium account stand a better chance of getting romantic relationships. If you are using this service, do not shy away from trying their premium membership. 

What you get at the premium membership

Those with a premium account can access anything at the site. With a free account, all you can do is watch all day with nothing interactive to do. Paid membership, on the other hand, offers opportunities for hookups. The premium option offers several perks. These include;

  •  Big pictures of other users
  • Chats 
  • Sharing media 
  • Better filtering opportunities among others 

The main advantages of premium membership include;

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Watch photos of other members before you start a private chat
  • Premium support
  • See what other members are searching for
  • Send videos and photos in private chats

BeNaughty security – Is it good?

Most dating sites give a disclaimer to their users, warning them of potential scams. The same applies to Be Naughty. The site offers some tips on how to stay safe during your interactions. Some of them include;


  • Not to share your credit card information
  • Not to give your login details
  • Not to reveal your real names and address
  • Not to share your confirmation code
  • To report any case of abuse as soon as you come across it

As usual, ensure to go through the terms and conditions section before upgrading. This is also important for your security’s sake.

Be Naughty customer support

The site has a detailed help section that is very helpful in getting the answers you need. In the section, you can get answers to most of your questions. The section also describes the services offered at BeNaughty.

The admin of the site reminds members to upgrade their accounts after registration. The site also has a phone number which is useful when you want to report abuse or ask questions. 

Mobile version, is it good?

The site claims to have a mobile app. However, they only have a mobile version that looks great by the way. The mobile version works the same way as the desktop version. It makes it easier to access BeNaughty from anywhere.

You can send messages while waiting for traffic to ease up, walking down the street, or having dinner. The mobile version is free from pop-ups and ads. Some users claim that the mobile version is more convenient than the desktop option. 

BeNaughty Dating Site conclusion

From this review, we can conclude that BeNaughty has positives than negatives. You are likely to see a spam message sent from the site, but you have the option to unsubscribe.

After registering, upload your pictures to prove that you are real, and start the trial. This may not seem to be a very popular hookup site. But it is worth trying out if you are looking for a date without pretending to be someone you are not.