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DampLips Review 2021

If you have been following my reviews, welcome back to this fresh review of DampLips. If it is your first time here, you are also welcome.

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If you are not informed yet, our porn blogs are now the talk of the town. So I thought it wise to write fresh reviews on popular and high quality porn sites, and I know you are going to love it.

So what is Damplips anyway?

This new review journey starts with one amazing site, DampLips. To be honest, this is the site you should be running to when you want to get real action on adult entertainment. The site brings you high quality porn from professionals in the industry.

Keep reading to get more information on what DampLips has in store for you. We are going to share every detail that we think is important for you to know about this popular porn site.

Our opinion on DampLips

To start, we are going to state that DampLips blog is displayed chronologically.  Currently, you can find a pinned post of two attractive ladies getting fucked like crazy by one lucky dude. When you scroll down, there are the latest releases which are usually added up to 5 times daily.

There is one thing you will notice about the content here. That is, all of them seem to originate from professional studios. The site also has an amateur porn link.

But even in this section, the girls you find there have all signed a contract before getting into any action. Yes, most of them may be young and fresh. However, it is always a professional cameraman that is in charge of all the action.

Exploring the categories

Now that we have just talked about the amateur link, let us start with this category. First, amatuer category has more than 600 posts.

There is even more to choose from with the search option. This is good news for anyone who is into a specific category of porn. Here is a breakdown of other categories offered at DampLips.

  • There are 83 posts in the Asian section
  • Teen sex features 673 posts
  • The lesbian area has about 300 posts

In my opinion and I know you will back me up in this, all the content at the site is vanilla in nature.  So if you are looking for that crazy type of porn, including BDSM, consider visiting another porn site offering that. DampLips is a site for those who prefer standard sex.

One thing that interests me about the site is its large variety of content. The website was created in November 2015. This is probably the reason why they have so many collections to choose from.

What you get at DampLips

Well, we have discussed a large portion of what the site entails. So it is now time to talk about the features. If you have been reading my reviews, then you know how obsessed I am with black girls.

So to get an idea of what Damp Limp offers, I am using one of their posts as an example;

This post features Demi Sutra and a white dude with a big cock. There is a video at the top of every archive page. There is also a link to watch the full episode of the video from the official website it originates from.

DampLips trailers

DampLips trailers are amazing. They are of high quality and last for up to 10 minutes. There are also options to download and watch the videos later.

These videos stream at a speed of 1.3mbps. Well, this may not be the fastest speed around but it also shouldn’t be something to complain about.

After all, you have access to all the content for free. Once you click the watch later link, the video will be added to a special list and you are free to access it at any time.

DampLips comments

There is also a comments section on the page. This allows you to share your views on what you think about the video. One thing that surprised me was that all these videos had so many positive comments. This shows how popular the site is.

Scroll down the page to get a list of keywords that are frequently searched for. You will also have a list of the most recently searched videos.

Most people who visit the page look for squirting porn, messages, and MILFs. I wouldn’t have guessed that.

Areas where the site should improve on

By now, you already know that our reviews are not only meant to promote the best porn websites. We also don’t ignore the poorly performing ones.

Note that this review is written by someone who is never afraid of criticizing if need be.

This is the reason why I have included this small section on areas where I think the site should improve on. Working on these areas will lead to an amazing user experience. So let’s get started;

  • First of all, the website does not offer the best mobile experience; it is like transferring the whole desktop website on your phone. If you have a big screen, then you may not have any problem with this. But the site should also consider those with older and smaller devices.
  • In short, you won’t have much enjoyment if you visit the site on your mobile phone. I don’t recommend DampLips to anyone who only uses their mobile phone to visit a porn website.
  • Secondly, DampLips isn’t a secured porn website. Visiting a site with no HTTPS is inviting trouble. I hope that the creators on this site work on this issue sooner than later.
  • Another area of concern is common for almost all porn websites; the adverts. Changing this will also improve user experience.
  • This last point isn’t an area of concern. But DampLips should also work on their website layout.

Get your favorite pornstars with a click

There is one thing I didn’t mention before criticizing the site. This is the website to be if you want to watch videos from your favorite porn stars. You can view all the scenes that your favorite pornstar has participated in.

I should state that Riley Reids is also one of my favorite porn actresses. She has featured in multiple posts at DampLips.  This also applies to pornstars like Dillion Harper, Kendra Lust, and another favorite of mine, Brandi Love.

Small features like this make a porn website stand out.


So far, we have exhausted almost everything you need to know about DampLips. This may not be the best porn website around. However, the site has tried to ensure that they offer the best of vanilla action. It has everything you would want to see from a large porn website.

There are areas that the site needs to work on. But still, there is so much you can enjoy there. Actually, very few websites offer the same experience as DampLips. Visit the website today and get the first-hand experience of what this work class porn site has to offer.


  • Free to use
  • Tons of videos
  • Daily content updates


  • Average download speed
  • Poor mobile experience