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PornHubLive review: Is the site legit?

PornHubLive is not on the list of real cam sites that we currently have. What’s surprising is that the site has already attracted over 15 million users.

In this review, we are going to share our thoughts about the site. But even before we get into details, here is an important thing you need to know; PornHubLive is a cloned version of To get an idea of what to expect, you can also go through the Streamate review.

The site is like Xhamsterlive. This means that it runs webcams of another live cam site. Most users aren’t even aware of this. It is only those who spare some time to go through terms of the site that can tell. As a matter of fact, 99% of people who use the site are not aware of this fact.

Continue reading to know whether PornHubLive is a legit and safe site to use.


PornHubLive webcams

Before I explain how PornHubLive operates I want to share a fun fact with you which I found to be very hilarious.

I know most of us readers may not know this yet. People spend a lot of time masturbating online that they end up misspelling basic terms. Most of the people who search for PornHubLive on the internet end up typing a very different word.

For instance, over 200,000  people per month who want to visit the site search for something like por hub.  Another 119,000 people will be searching for pirnhub. This is statistics for both women and men who want to log in at PornHubLive.

Things even get worse than this. Another 103,000 people type the word pprnhub. And 40k people are inputting the word porn hib.  This sounds so weird for a two worded name. There  are over 250,000 people who search PornHubLive with words like;

  • Porhub
  • Porrnhub
  • xom
  • Poen hub
  • PornHubLivee
  • Oornhub
  • Ponhub
  • Porrhub

Apparently, PornHubLive appears on the list of the most searched terms today.  This word is searched over 74 million times in the United States alone. It even outshines the word ‘porn’ which has about 11 million times per month.

That said, we are going to discuss in detail what PornHubLive is all about. We will explain how the site works as well as the reasons why PornHubLive live is popular these days. Have look of our other blog reviews of sex cam sites:  Javguru, 321 sex chat, ImageFap, Cams com, and Flirt4free.

PornHubLive com: How the site works?

Registering at PornHubLive is simple.  You can use any major credit card during registration. The process won’t take more than five minutes. The site won’t deduct any amount from your credit card. The card is only used for age verification.  You can only access the content of the site if you are above the age of 18.

After registration, you can interact with the girls free of charge.  Premium shows are also available. You have full access to them. Models charge private shows per minute.

The only thing that the site won’t tell you is that this is a cloned version of Streamate.  It is only the URL that is different. That said, we are going to explain all the features available at Streamate. After all, these sites are the same.

But I suggest that you first register at Streamate.  Read all the reviews here before you consider joining this site.  These are so many sites like PornHubLive that you can find today.  The homepage of Streamate and PornHubLive live resembles.  And so is the order of cam girls.  This is a clear indication that PornHubLive is using the service of another platform.

Why not just go to the original site? You may ask. After all, it is easy and safe to use the original site, which is Streamate com.  Here are the amazing features you can find at Streamate com

  • You can create a favorites list  for quick access
  • You can select the video quality depending on your internet speed
  • You can filter cam girls based on their location, language, age range among other things

While in a model’s room, you know important things like;

  • The type of shows they perform
  • Their country and age  and
  • Whether they offer HD cam quality

On the upper left part, you can get girls that offer multiple services. These include phone sex, current gold shows as well as webcam shows.

Most webcam shows here seem to be legit. It is only when you log in to Streamate that you realize the shows are the same.  It is almost impossible to know this. Not unless you spend many hours going through the site’s terms and conditions.

When you log in to PornHubLive, there is one thing you need to know. That you are not using the original source of these shows. You are free to register and enjoy all the content here. But my advice is that you first register at Streamate which is the original site. This is the real platform that you should be comfortable using.

 Is PornHubLive free?

You must be a special kind of stupid thinking that a sexy cam girl will strip naked for you free of charge. Hey guy, the chick does know who you are and she can’t even see you in the first place.

To make it short and clear, the correct answer is no. No webcam shows are free. The least we can do is to compare the amount charged at PornHubLive to other sites. PornHubLive charges reasonably for private shows. You can actually enjoy a short talk for free. But don’t expect any private shows to come free. You have to pay.

Girls here charge differently. You are billed for every minute spent on the shows. As soon as you exit a private show, the time you spent on the show is indicated. How these charges appear on your statement is very different. No one can even tell that you spend time on an adult cam site.  The prices are in dollars.

Looking at other sites like PornHubLive

There are over 2000 cloned sites on the internet today. Take the name of one of the models at PornHubLive and search it on the internet. You will get so many pages of sites like PornHubLive. This should also give you a clue that PornHubLive  is nothing but a bogus site.

The models you find at are not working for this site. They are instead working for a company referred to as ICF, another arm of Streamate (the original site).

This is the reason why your login details at PornHubLive will also work for  Now this gives you a good reason why you should sign up at and not  All you need is the username and password for Streamate. Then you can use these details to log in to thousands of other sites. This also includes

Registering as a model at PornHubLive com

If you are interested in becoming a model at PornHubLive, There is one thing you need to know. That the site makes use of a white label solution. This makes it appear like the models are working for PornHubLive.  So if you register as a model at PornHubLive, your shows will also appear on


In conclusion: is it worth considering to register at PornHubLive? This is a simple no. There are no unique services here considering that this is a cloned version of But what is our view on Streamate? Do we think that you should register there? Yes! We love their services. We don’t think it is a good idea to enjoy these services through another site.

PornHubLive is only misleading users to believe that they are the ones offering all those services.  This is the reason why is also on the list of our 5 worst adult cam sites. So if you want to get something unique,  save your time and log in to Streamate!