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WhatsYourPrice Review 2020

WhatsYourPrice has been around since 2010. It was developed by Brandon Wade, the same guy who created SeekingArrangement. This, at least, gives you a clue on what to expect at the site.

 But if you are still in the dark, WhatsYourPrice is just like any other dating app where strangers meet and interact. But here, there is a procedure that members follow. Rather than meeting and chatting at the site, it is more of an incentive game.

This means that interested members have to pay for the date. And there is no beating around the bush here. The site gives a platform for its users to get directly to the point. It is the same as an auction site where you place bids and the other member is the one to decide which offer to take home.

The bidder who is lucky enough to win caters to all the expenses on the date. According to the site, it takes an average of 3 days to get a hookup. Ready to get the full review of WhatsYourPrice? Continue reading to see if the site is worth your time and money.


Whatsyourprice homepage

WhatsYourPrice member structure

  • Members from the United States: 465,000
  • Members’ activity: Over 50,000 members are active every week
  • Gender proportion: 40 percent males and 60 percent females
  • Over 5 million bids in total on first dates
  • A member can get an average of $125 on first date offer
  • Women get more bids than men
  • Over 35% of the site’s users are female college students
  • Men in Francisco can spend up to $130 for first dates. On average, a member can spend around $80 on a first date.

Just like we have already said, women members at the site are likely to get more money compared to males. Some users have complained about this. Why? Well,  some women don’t even meet their expectations on the first date. But for others, the site is a clear description of what you see is what you get.

We have also mentioned that a large number of members at the site, 35% to be precise are female college students. Apparently, these females are here to get money for tuition fees. Most of the members are from the United States, UK and Canada.

 Based on a recent analysis conducted at the site, San Francisco men are highly generous. These men are willing to offer as much as $422 on first date offers.

Before, the site had special labels; generous and attractive. Generous was for the members who placed bids. And attractive was for members who received those bids. You can’t see those labels these days. A large percentage of members who place bids are men and those receiving are women.

Whatsyourprice -The signup process

  • It is easy to register with only a few step
  • There are two registration options; you either sign up to bid to get paid to date
  • You need to provide basic information when signing up
  • You are free to edit some fields later
  • An email confirmation is also part of the signup process

When registering, you first have to fill your gender then click on either of the two options;

  • Bid on date
  • Get paid for dates

Once you submit these answers, you can now access the site. But there will still be a banner reminding users to confirm their email address. Yes, the site is still accessible without email confirmation. But there will be limitations. If you decide to complete your profile, you need to provide basic information like;

  • Location
  • Body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Physical characteristics
  • Income
  • Education among others

You have the chance to edit information later on, so don’t worry if you make a mistake.

Making contact

  • Members have to complete their profile to access all the site’s features. You can’t send a message before completing the profile
  • Send winks free of charge
  • The minimum bidding amount is $5
  • There is no maximum bidding amount; you can increase the amount as much as you wish
  • Bids can be countered
  • The message feature is locked and will only be active when there is an unlocked or accepted offer
  • Just like other dating sites, What’s Your Price also has a chatroom

Once the site verifies your profile, the next step is to fill in the required details. Once you add a profile picture, you can access the message feature. It is only that you can’t send or receive messages without the unlocked or accepted offer. You don’t need to have credit before interacting with other members. This is all thanks to the option of sending winks.

To bid for a date, you need to place a minimum amount of $5. The receiver is free to earn as much as he or she wants. There are no limitations.

It is allowed to counterbid at the site. This gives members a chance to increase their price range as much as they can to show interest.

To give an honest opinion, men looking for a date at this site have to work extra hard. This is because they have to spend more than the women. But women can receive bids, and even offer an amount they wish to earn, all for free.

Profile quality

  • A description of yourself is important at What’s Your Price. It makes your profile stand out and attract more visitors. The description should not be less than 20 characters
  • There are limitations to accessing the site. Add a profile picture and verify the account to get full access
  • All the profile pictures are approved before the account is activated. But it is still possible to find fake profiles in here
  • You can add details or edit your profile later

What’s Your Price requires detailed profile information. First, you need to give answers to basic questions which include;

  • Your body type
  • Ethnicity
  • Relationship
  • Education
  • Children
  • Occupation
  • Smoking or drinking habits,
  • Religion
  • Interests and
  • Income

In the interests, you can choose the following;

  • Friendship
  • Dating
  • Long-term,
  • Discreet affair
  • Sugar dating or Casual

There are also two boxes that you need to fill. On the first one, you need to describe yourself and the other one to describe your ideal first date. In both boxes, the description should not be less than 20 characters. Ensure that the information here is accurate since this is the only way you can get a perfect match.

Real-life review

There is always a first time, and my first time was terrifying. When I met this guy from What’s Your Price, I actually thought it was a scam. We went to a cocktail bar, which made me at least trust the guy. Since then, I have been using What’s Your Price to pay my bills in college. Just like other dates, I meet the good guys, but I also meet bad guys. To be safe, I learnt to use my instincts. I never allow myself to drink alcohol with the strangers I meet. I also set your boundaries before we meet because some men here are only after sex. This is at least what I realized after going for several dates. Well, sex can also be part of the deal. I can’t deny that. But it is best if we agree to it before the actual date. Anna Laura 28

WhatsYourPriceDesign and usability

WhatsYourPrice has minimal features, and so is the site’s design and layout

The site still looks modern even after being around for 8 years now

 At the homepage, you find the members online who are near you. There are four functions on the homepage. These are

  • The search option
  • bids
  • favorites
  • Your messages

The website itself has a user-friendly interface. The promise of WhatsYourPrice is to help people land their first dates. If this first date doesn’t work, then find another at the site. Then repeat the cycle until you find the perfect match!

Cost and pricing

coins/credit cost($) total($)
1000 credit 0.25 per credit 250
450 credit 0.33 per credit 150
100 credit 0.05 per credit 50


Is What’s Your Price Cheap or expensive?

When compared to other dating sites, what’s Your Price charges an average price

Accepted payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Credit card

The site doesn’t have a premium membership since all the money you use to bid goes to the date and not the site. You only use credits to unlock the messaging option.

What’s Your Price cares about their users. So when you get your credit card statement, you won’t find the site’s name in there. Rather, there will be things like;


The site doesn’t offer refunds so be careful when placing those bids.

Special features

What’s Your Price also doesn’t have special features. The site is transparent and straightforward. The most important functions are chatting with other users and bidding on dates.

Whatsyourprice -Our conclusion

There is some form of inequality between men and women at What’s Your Price. While women can access all the features and also get more bids, men pay for everything. This includes the amount that was bid, date expenses and also an extra fee for message unlocking.

On the positive side, WhatsYourPrice achieves its purpose very well. It is a good option for men looking for perfect matches and women who want to earn an extra coin from a dating app. If you are not Happy with WhatsYourPrice please check out our selection of Dating Sites: AdultfriendfinderFuckbookAshley Madison, FlingKasidieBeNaughty and Flirt.

Frequently asked questions, FAQs

How does WhatsYourPrice work?

1: Create a What’s Your Price profile

2: Make an offer or set a price depending on whether you are looking for a date or you want to be paid for the date

3: Unlock messaging 

4: Negotiate details. Men pay the bidding price, and they are also other ones to cater to the date expenses

Whether you want to find a second date at the site or not is entirely your decision.

How does the site make money?

First, it is through website traffic. Also, there is an extra fee paid by male members to unlock the messaging feature.

Is What’s Your Price legitimate?

Yes, WhatsYourPrice is real. The site was launched by the same guy of SeekingArrangement. What’s Your Price has also featured in the media and news including the Forbes, Daily Mail, and Today.

Is it safe to find a date at WhatsYourPrice?

Users don’t pay the bidding amount on the platform. This means that you won’t be scammed. However, be cautious with your date since this is where the scamming might come in. Ensure that you discuss everything important before the meetup. It should also be an open place where people can see what you are doing.

Is it free to use WhatsYourPrice?

It is free to sign up at the site. Women can access most features for free. Men, however, will have to part with some cash.

Is there a forum?

The site doesn’t have a forum yet. However, there is an official blog that is always updated with new posts. You can get most of your answers in the comments section.

Are there similar sites to WhatsYourPrice?

Yes. One of these sites is, of course, SeekingArrangement. others are AdultFriendFinder, JobClub, sexfinder.com etc.

Does What’s Your Price has rules?

Yes. For one, escorts are not allowed at the site. You can get more information on the site’s terms and conditions section.

How do I contact the customer support?

One of the options is to send an email to the address: support@whatsyourprice.com. You can also contact them through Facebook and Twitter. You will get a response within a day.

How do I deactivate your account?

There is a drop-down arrow at the top right part of the page. Click on this arrow and go to settings. Continue scrolling down until you see ‘deactivate your profile’. But it is still possible to recover your account.

I forgot your password, what do I do?

In the login page, click the ‘forgot your password’ button. Then follow the steps provided

Can I change my username?

Yes, you can. But this can only be done after contacting customer support

Can I see a person’s private photos?

Yes. Just click the private photo icon. Then make an offer to view these photos

Does the site have a premium membership?

No. But you need to have a minimum of $50 to buy credit. And to start bidding, you should have a minimum of $5.

Can I get free credits?

For those who couldn’t afford to go on 5 dates in one month, there was a 1000 free credit offered. It is not clear whether this still happens